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2024-2025 Company Placement Audition 



Ballet Audition

Ballet, jazz/contemporary, and modern placement are all determined at our ballet audition. Dancers should arrive

15 minutes early to prepare. Girls should attend in a solid color leotard (black preferred), ballet pink tights (convertible preferred as there may be a contemporary combination given), ballet slippers and pointe shoes (if applicable), hair in a neat bun. Boys should attend in black dance tights, black or white t-shirt, black ballet slippers. Dancers will do a full barre and center work. Placement in any CYDP Dance Company jazz/contemporary and/or modern class requires at least 2-3 ballet classes per week as part of the curriculum.


Tap Audition

Dancers will be given drills across the floor to assess skill level, accuracy, speed, and musicality. Tap dancers are not required to attend the ballet audition, as tap can be taken as a single subject within the company.

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