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Dianne Walker: Tap Master (CYDP Dance Company)

Dianne "Lady Di" Walker: Artist in Residence (CYDP Dance Company) She is considered a pioneer in the resurgence of tap dancing.  Her 28 Year career spans Broadway, television, film and international dance concerts.  Throughout the world of tap, she has been dubbed the "Ella Fitzgerald" of Tap Dance.  The Boston Herald called her "America's First Lady of Tap" and in Dallas, "The Ballerina of Tap". Savion Glover and his contemporaries affectionately call her "Aunt Dianne" in acknowledgment of her unique place as mentor, teacher and confidante.  In appreciation of her personal style and elegance as a performer, as well as her eloquent and passionate commitment to the art of tap dance, her mentors and peers always refer to her as "Lady Di".

In 2006, Dianne's lifetime achievements were honored in Flint, Michigan.  In 2005, she also received lifetime achievement recognition from the Vancouver Tap Dance Society. 2004, Walker received the Hoofers Award from Tap City NYC and was also presented with an award at the L.A Tap Dance Festival in memory of Gregory Hines.  Dianne Walker is the first woman to receive the "Living Treasure in American Dance Award" from Oklahoma City University.  She has also received numerous awards over the years for excellence in teaching.

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